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Complicated Pop-ups by Simple Stationery: Scissors, Cutter, Glue¡K that¡¦s what you need!
Research both online and offline sources, images and text to understand the history and characteristics of the theme or object, conduct field study.
Drafting, try with different angles. Example is Kowloon Walled City is well known as the most densely populated and developed area in the world. You can shake hand with the ¡§neighbours¡¨ of the opposite building, so bird eye view is the best way to highlight this characteristic.
Create plain paper model by application of various paper engineering techniques and test the smoothness to open the pop-up model.
Deconstruct the paper model into pieces and refine the connection edges.
Coloring, fine tune the mood and style .
  Combine the parts again and test the smoothness to open the pop-up again.
Bind the pages together and check the overall flipping of the book.